Leaders - Please send us your answers to these questions, either Vanity Fair style (eg 1-2 sentences max per answer) or 25YA style (eg 300-500 word answers to a single question).

We want to hear from you and know our readers do too!

1. What inspired or motivated you to become a diplomat?
2. Who was your best boss and why?
3. What would you tell your a-100 self?
4. Describe a day you felt you made a difference.
5. What has a colleague done for you that made you wish all of us had a colleague like that?
6. What was the mistake you learned the most from?
7. What was your best and worst experience working with the interagency?
8. What is the one tour you would recommend FSOs consider?
9. If the state department had a mascot, what animal should it be?
10. What was the biggest challenge of FS life for your family, and how did you manage it?  
11. What is your leadership philosophy?
12. What tips would you give a first-time manager?
13. What would you change about the State Department?
14. What were your pet peeves?

Jessica Braun