The Apprentices - Who Are We?

The creators of this site are apprentices that are all seeking to become more accomplished leaders in the years ahead. We are committed civil servants who believe in and support the Professional Ethos laid out by Secretary Pompeo ( We are dedicated to serving our country and our executive branch leaders. While acknowledging our project is a bit unorthodox, we all are committed to our careers and our country and faithful to our political bosses now and in the years ahead - whether they be republican or democrat. We are apolitical and professional and believe we have something to offer through transmitting lessons we have learned that could help the team at the State Department and our government respond more decisively and more effectively to the crises of today and tomorrow. We welcome any and all input from current and former employees as we seek to create both an online guide and community.
There are many ways to succeed in the State Department and we think there are many voices that could guide and benefit the apprentices out there as they travel toward diplomatic journeyman status.  We hope this blog can serve as a forum for that guidance and for those voices.  If you would like to contribute, please email us at

Thanks to you all for your support,

The 25-Year Apprentices